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Transcell Technology, Inc – Leading The Way!

Dedicated to the development of new products and services in the weighing industry following the corporate principle of "leading the way" through customer service, technical service, and new product technological innovations. Produces the highest quality scales and weighing accessories, including wireless technology, to meet NTEP/OIML world standards in the weighing industry. Its large OEM customer base achieves all of this.

From Rate Chips to RF Kits to Digital Scales to Digital Indicators to Load Cells to portable scales and all of the parts and accessories you could require; Transcell offers you the highest quality scale products for your business needs.

The company has expanded its scope by sharing its Chicago facilities with two new companies: Ravas USA and CITA Technologies. Another new company, Transcell Automation, has recently been formed which will bring automation products to the process control marketplace. Transcell continues to expand and now has 4 manufacturing plants globally, with distribution over 75 countries.


guardian-floor-scale-transcell (2.5k lb - 20k lb)

This versatile, fully electronic transcell guardian floor scale fits the widest variety of applications. Its structural steel design withstands years of heavy industrial use. All of our floor scales are paired with our most popular digital indicator TI-500E (or you can select a different indicator) and are all factory calibrated for precise weighing.

Our Price: US$1250.00
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transcell 600es digital weigh indicator

Divisions– NTEP approved for 5,000 Divisions.
Enclosure– Heavy duty stainless steel NEMA 4X enclosure.
Serial Port– Full Duplex RS-232 Serial Port - demand or continuous.

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transcell 6500 neptune digital weigh indicator

The NEPTUNE-6500 indicator is built tough to meet the demanding requirements of harsh conditions for tough washdown environments and corrosive chemical industries. Under - Accept -Over annunciators make high speed check weighing easy. A beeper is included standard to add versatility. Large easy-to-read, bright green, one inch tall digits ensure maximize operator visibility and minimize fatigue while maintaining high product throughput. Polished, 304 stainless steel construction provides high durability and a long term attractive sanitary appearance. A full numeric keyboard and 100 part number memory for set point data make this indicator the leader in check weighing value.

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transcell 800 series digital weigh indicators

FEATURES Divisions NTEP approved for 10,000 Divisions. Display Resolution Displays up to 50,000 Graduations. Serial Port Full Duplex RS-232 Serial Port.

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