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tree mct plus medium counting scale (3 to 66lb)

tree mct plus medium counting scale (3 to 66lb)

The Tree MCT Plus Counting Scale is the best scale in relation to price and quality, has a full keyboard and a large screen which displays the detailed data. Can run with power adapter or rechargeable batteries, both are provided. It can be configured for automatic shutoff. The Tree MCT Plus Counting Scale has many customizable features that you can use in your tasks weighing and parts counting.


  • 30,000 divisions
  • 1.3 thousand inner resolution
  • 2 Year Restricted Warranty
  • Automated Energy
  • Rechargeable battery
  • programmable Power feature
  • A/C energy supply
  • Switchable lb/kg
  • Variable bodyweight calibration software in lb/kg

Tree electronic machines consist of a TWO year NEW SCALE warranty. If your range isn't able to work under regular use within the 2 year warranty period, you may come back the range for a product new alternative. Moreover, you will also sustain the full 2 years of the unique warranty on any alternative product.

This Tree MCT Plus Counting Scale has a built-in counting feature that will allow you to depend your stock with great accurate - without priced at you a lot of money.Quality, Perfection, and Low Price - the best mixture that make this scale an outstanding financial commitment.

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Our Price: US$180.00
Product Description Price
TREE MCTPLUS 3 3 lb x 0.0001 lb US$180.00
TREE MCTPLUS 7 7 lb x 0.0002 lb US$180.00
TREE MCTPLUS 16 16 lb x 0.0005 lb US$180.00
TREE MCTPLUS 33 33 lb x 0.001 lb US$180.00
TREE MCTPLUS 66 66 lb x 0.002 lb US$180.00
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