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LW Measurements LLC is a manufacturer of specialized balances and scales for personal, business and industrial activities. It counts with a variety of shipping scales, bench scales, floor scales, digital weigh indicators, kitchen scales, counting scales, washdown scales and laboraty balances.


tree hrb 4102 high resolution balance (4100g)

The Tree of Magnetic Force Balance is accurate and economical. You can make your weighing tasks like animal weighing, parts counting and weight percentage calculation. Its backlit LCD screen provides excellent viewing.

  • Capacity: 4,100 g
  • Resolution: 0.01 g
  • Platform: 6" diameter

Our Price: US$780.00
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tree hrb high resolution balance with shield (100g to 20kg)

The HRB High Resolution Balance provides an advanced resolution, is economical and provides results rapidly. This high-resolution balance is easy to calibrate and adjust. Is factory set to environmental changes.

Our Price: US$310.00
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tree hrb series high resolution balance (3000 to 10000kg)

The HRB Series High Resolution Balance is a team of high-precision weighing. It can be connected to a PC via its RS232 port using a software. It also has standard features and functions, large backlit LCD screen helps in poor lighting areas.

Our Price: US$160.00
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tree hrb-20001 high resolution balance (20000g)

The Tree HRB 20001 High Resolution Balance provides exceptional performance and in turn is economic. This scale is easy to set up and calibrated to deliver Advanced Resolution. Its factory configuration is based on environmental changes.

  • Capacity: 20,000 g
  • Resolution: 0.1 g
  • Platform: 7.8" x 8.5"

Our Price: US$400.00
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