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LW Measurements LLC is a manufacturer of specialized balances and scales for personal, business and industrial activities. It counts with a variety of shipping scales, bench scales, floor scales, digital weigh indicators, kitchen scales, counting scales, washdown scales and laboraty balances.


tree lwc large wheelchair scale (800lb)

The Tree LWC Large Wheelchair Scale is an electronic floor scale range for wheelchairs. The platform is made of metal for added strength and durability. Tare function can be used to weigh the chair and then the person. It has handles for easy transport, its aluminum materials make more economical shipment.

Capacity x Resolution: 800 lb x 0.2 lb

Our Price: US$900.00
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tree mct medium counting scale (3 to 66lb)

The new Tree MCT Series Counting Balance becomes an economical solution to carry out their tasks in parts count. This digital scale can also do basic weighing tasks. When a piece counting swings regularly escapes from your budget, Tree MCT Series Counting Balance is your best decision.

Our Price: US$160.00
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tree mct plus medium counting scale (3 to 66lb)

The Tree MCT Plus Counting Scale is the best scale in relation to price and quality, has a full keyboard and a large screen which displays the detailed data. Can run with power adapter or rechargeable batteries, both are provided. It can be configured for automatic shutoff. The Tree MCT Plus Counting Scale has many customizable features that you can use in your tasks weighing and parts counting.

Our Price: US$180.00
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tree mrb compact scale (500 to 10000g)

The MRB Compact Scale manufactured by Tree, is small and fits easily into a pocket or briefcase, you can take it anywhere. It has a high quality, is multi-functional, can be used school kitchen or business.

Our Price: US$60.00
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