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troemner individual weight class f1 oiml (1mg - 500mg, 1g - 500g, 1kg - 50kg)

troemner individual weight class f1 oiml (1mg - 500mg, 1g - 500g, 1kg - 50kg)
TROEMNER WEIGHTS Inc. founded in 1848 by Henry Troemner is proud to manufacture the OIML Class E1 individual weights, in denominations of 1mg, Troemner weight 2mg, Troemner weight 5mg, Troemner weight 10 mg, Troemner weight 20 mg, Troemner weight 100 mg, Troemner weight 200 mg, Troemner weight 500 mg, also individual weight and of 1g, Troemner weights 2 g, Troemner weights 5g, Troemner weights 10g, Troemner weights 20g, Troemner weights 50g, Troemner weights 100 g, Troemner weights  200g, Troemner weights 500g and more single weight in size of 1kg, Troemner weight 2 kg, Troemner weights 5 kg, Troemner weight 20 kg, Troemner weights 50kg. Troemner OIML Precision Weights conform to the standards of the Organisation. Troemner OIML Precision Weights conform to the standards of the Organisation Internationale de Metrologie Legale International Recommendation (OIML R 111). They are manufactured from the finest stainless steels available including Troemner Alloy 8 Stainless Steel that has low magnetic permeability, uniform consistency and high resistance to corrosion. Troemner OIML Precision Weights are available in Classes E1, E2, F1 and F2, where Class E1 has the smallest tolerances and Class F2 has the largest tolerances. The letter "E" for Classes E1 and E2 refers to "extra fine" where the letter "F" for Classes F1 and F2 refers to "fine". OIML R 111 weight specifications are designed so the specifications on surface finish, markings, construction, material density and magnetic properties get more restrictive as the weight tolerances get smaller in order to enable the weight to maintain its tolerance over time. The tolerances for the various classes are established in a manner that enables weights of higher classes to calibrate weights of the next lowest class. For example, Class E2 weights can be used to calibrate Class F1 weights. Troemner OIML Precision Weights and Weight Sets are supplied with Troemner's Statement of Accuracy, which details the date of calibration and accuracy class of each weight. If your laboratory requires more stringent documentation, please review the Weight Calibration and Certificate Options section of the website.

**Caution** Class E1 weights have extremely small tolerances and are intended to be used as primary reference standards with direct traceability to national reference standards. They should be used in extremely stable environments and handled with the highest level of care. Otherwise, Class E1 weights will not maintain their measured value within the tolerance class. One may be tempted to purchase the weights with the tightest tolerances in order to reduce measurement uncertainty. However, frequency of use, care, handling, and environmental conditions all play a major role in long term stability of weights and these factors should be considered before purchasing Class E1 weights.

Class F1 weights can be used to calibrate certain Class I balances and scales as specified in OIML R 76. Class F1 weights can also be used to calibrate Class F2 weights.


Weight Selection
There are several shapes, designs and sizes available to meet your needs. For example individual class f1 weight, since 1 mg, Troemner weight 2mg, Troemner weight 5mg, Troemner weight 10 mg, Troemner weight 20 mg, Troemner weight 100 mg, Troemner weight 200 mg, Troemner weight 500 mg, also individual weight and of 1g, Troemner weights 2 g, Troemner weights 5g, Troemner weights 10g, Troemner weights 20g, Troemner weights 50g, Troemner weights 100 g,  Troemner weights 200g, Troemner weights 500g and more single weight in size of 1kg, Troemner weight 2 kg, Troemner weights 5 kg, Troemner weight 20 kg, Troemner weights 50kg. Selecting the proper weight for your application can be confusing given the number of weight classes, designs, and materials available. The following information can help in your weight selection process. A Troemner Sales Representative can also assist you in selecting the correct weight for your application.
Tips for handling weights:
  1. Never touch weights with bare hands; use synthetic gloves for weight management.
  2. Always keep the weights in their original box after use.
  3. Allow weights acclimatization time enough before use in testing routine. A temperature difference between test weights and scales can have an impact negative in the test results.
  4. Remove loose dust from weights with a brush or soft cloth before testing.



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TRO 7537 -F1P 1 mg US$230.00
TRO 7536 -F1P 2 mg US$230.00
TRO 7534 -F1P 5 mg US$230.00
TRO 7533 -F1P 10 mg US$230.00
TRO 7532 -F1P 20 mg US$230.00
TRO 7530 -F1P 50 mg US$230.00
TRO 7529 -F1P 100 mg US$230.00
TRO 7528 -F1P 200 mg US$230.00
TRO 7526 -F1P 500 mg US$230.00
TRO 7525 -F1P 1 g US$230.00
TRO 7524 -F1P 2 g US$230.00
TRO 7522 -F1P 5 g US$230.00
TRO 7521 -F1P 10 g US$230.00
TRO 7520 -F1P 20 g US$230.00
TRO 7518 -F1P 50 g US$230.00
TRO 7517 -F1P 100 g US$230.00
TRO 7516 -F1P 200 g US$230.00
TRO 7514 -F1P 500 g US$230.00
TRO 7513 -F1P 1 kg US$230.00
TRO 7512 -F1P 2 kg US$230.00
TRO 7510 -F1P 5 kg US$230.00
TRO 7509 -F1P 10 kg US$230.00
TRO 7508 -F1P 20 kg US$230.00
TRO 7505 -F1 50 kg US$230.00
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