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Truck scale, are Scales capable of withstanding high weight capacity, ideal to be installed in roads, where carried out the process of weighing trucks of high capacity, with the purpose of knowing if they have overload. Their use can also be directed to heavy trucks at the entry and exit of firms and industries, at the end of knowing the load with the who access or are removed from the company.

Truck Scale, represent an important step forward and benefits within the organization as the implement Truck Scales you determine the exact charge contained in the trucks, providing their time the benefit of the preservation of their products. And if you are the owner of trucks, this truck scale will help to preserve the good condition and fuctioning your vehicle, avoiding on loads of goods or materials.

In ScaleMarket.com, we have truck scale of various dimensions, with or without pit, of complete platform or weighing by axles, fixed or portable. The Principle of operation of these scales, is simple and reliable. We guarantee protection against adverse factors in load cells, NEMA 4X (IP-65) and NEMA 6X (IP-67). Truck scale with analogue technology or digital, auto-calibration and autodiagnostico.

Find here in ScaleMarket, the Truck Scales of more advanced technology, we guarantee the biggest and best performance of all our products, and in particular of all our Truck Scales.


Cardinal Yukon Off-Road Truck Scale Extreme Duty Electronic Concrete Deck (150 ton)

Designed and built specifically for the mining industry and off-road vehicle weighing, the American-made YUKON truck scale features an amazingly-high 70-ton concentrated load capacity with extra-thick, heavy-duty steel deck plate. If you’re in the business of moving mountains one truckload at a time, then Cardinal’s extreme-duty YUKON® is your truck scale of choice. Designed and built specifically for the mining industry and offroad vehicle weighing, the NTEP legal-for-trade YUKON® features an amazingly-high, 70-ton concentrated load capacity with extra-thick, heavy-duty steel deck plate. Featuring extra-wide concrete or steel decks, the YUKON® employs Cardinal’s compression-type, environmentally-sealed (IP68) stainless steel load cells built in the company’s state-ofthe- art load cell manufacturing facility in Webb City, MO.

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Cardinal PRL Self-Contained Mechanical Motor Truck Scale (20 to 200 ton)

PRL series heavy-duty, self-contained mechanical truck scales are made for endurance and accuracy, while remaining completely self-contained. Tandem units are simply composed of two or more scales of the same or different platform lengths tandem-connected for greater capacity. When split, each unit is a self-contained scale in itself, offering 3-in-1 scale flexibility. A rock-solid, checkered steel deck plate is standard and available with several options for lengths and capacities. NTEP legal-for-trade certified.

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Cardinal Harvester Pre Cast Concrete Medium Duty Truck Scale (25 ton)

The Harvester series precast concrete scales offer an economical approach to truck weighing for farms. The Harvester is a fully-electronic truck scale featuring factory poured concrete decks for above-ground, low-profile weighing. Incorporating the latest in patent-pending concrete composition with high tensile strength and optimal deck weight, the Harvester is designed for farms with 3,000 acres or less. Cardinal offers single-source convenience and quality construction utilizing USA-made stainless steel model CBC compression load cells. Designed for light-duty agricultural weighing, the NTEP certified Harvester series of vehicle scales are the farmers’ choice for all types of vehicle weighing from planting to harvest. The Harvester’s low-profile design allows direct access to all scale components for ease of service.

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Cardinal H-EPR-C Guardian Hydraulic Truck Scale - Concrete Deck (40 to 135 ton)
Guardian Hydraulic Tuck Scales are ideal for the solid waste, aggregate, chemical, grain, and construction industries because they offer a high level of protection against many of the conditions that can adversely affect truck scale installations. Water, lightning, power surges, explosive areas, corrosion, welding, shock loading, extreme temperature fluctuations and even rodents can cause scale problems, all at a cost to the owner. NTEP legal-for-trade.

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