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The same as in many commercial decisions, to acquire a product to weigh trucks involves the previous consideration of several factors. For many companies, the acquisition of scales to weigh trucks represents a significant investment that requires of a detailed investigation with the purpose of assuring the return of its investment as much as possible.

The scales to weigh trucks can be installed in a hole and with the floor level platform or over the floor and generally with access ramps. The scales in grave find them many times in regions of very cold climate and they offer some important advantages. A scale in grave is generally a little more expensive than a platform on the floor.

The scales for truck installed on the floor, generally designated as models of low profile, they can be installed in a mini-grave with the platform to level of the floor or envelope floor, with access ramps. In this case it will be necessary to install ramps in both ends of the platform.


fairbanks titan® series portable vehicle scale

FAIRBANKS TITAN® SERIES PORTABLE TRUCK SCALE Available in sizes specifically for mobile operations, the Titan Series Portable Vehicle Scales are made for easy assembly and removal. Constructed with multiple 12” and 16” Structural Steel I-beams. These massive supports, coupled with the thickest standard deck plate on the market (3/8”), produce an extremely rigid and durable weigh bridge.

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cas rw s/l road weigher platform & indicator
The RW-S/L Wheel Weighing Scale is designed for mobile weight inspection. Connect up to 6 scales for mulit-axle weighing.

Ideal for mobile weight inspections and safeguarding against overload weight vehicles.

Our Price: US$1695.00
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cas rw -p road weigher platform & indicator

The RW-P Wheel Weighing Scale is designed for portablility, yet is sturdy enough for any type of vehicle. Multiple configurations can be achieved with the RW-2601P Indicator.

Ideal for mobile weight inspections.


Our Price: US$2995.00
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portable vehicle/truck scales survivor atv (60tons, 100tons)
  • Three standard widths: 10', 11', and 12' (available up to 14', NTEP-certified)
  • 75,000 lb load cells and pre-assembled G-Force™ mounts
  • Up to 270,000 lb full scale capacity
  • Top access for electronics
  • NTEP-certified, CC #02-003A1
  • 90,000 lb Concentrated Load Capacity (CLC)
  • 90,000 lb Dual Tandem Axle (DTA)
  • Bolt-on backfill ramp bulkheads (removable for concrete approaches)
  • End clean out
  • 5-year weighbridge warranty
  • Span deflection ratio (1:1100) for legal highway loads

Our Price: US$17400.00
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