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uwe indicator

These weighing instruments are digital electronic weighing devices. It has microchip and firmware to interact with different devices. It can link with Load CellPrinter or Computer (where Weighing Software is use).


uwe w20 series weighing indicator
  • Waterproof Weighing Indicator
  • All Stainless Steel Housing
  • Optional Waterproof Bi-directional RS232C Interface
  • Huge 2 Inch Display
  • Configurable divisions and capacity, up to 8 x 350�Load Cells Backlight included, 2" high display

Our Price: US$393.00
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uwe w22 series weighing indicator

Displays HI-LO-GO, Lot #, Time/Date

Bi-directional RS232 Interface to Computer

Extra Large Backlit Display

Model Available with Mini Printer and Relay Outputs

Our Price: US$415.00
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