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virtual vc-505 preocess controller instrument

virtual vc-505 preocess controller instrument

The MC module introduces the first "Intelligent Digital Filter" using Fuzzy Logic. The VC-505 supports five single-ended transducer input channels (3 scale inputs). In addition, the VC-505 provides some of the same I/O capabilities as a PLC (AC, DC, high-speed counter, positioning, and PID). The VC-505 comes with a 17 key keypad and a high resolution graphics display. The standard 8"x10"x4" enclosure can fit up to 16 solid state relays. This compact package gives you a true state-of-the-art system for transducer measurements, and machine and process control applications. The VC-505 also comes with multiple display modes that allow totalizing and single/multiple scale display. The VC-505 can be networked to a PC using our ActiveX control. In addition, some factory network interface cards (such as Allen-Bradley Data Highway Plus) are available as options . The VC-505 may, after purchase, be upgraded to a VC-505S programmable indicator.

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VMC VC-505 Process Controller Instrument

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