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Enclosed in a stainless steel NEMA 4X case, the Weigh-Tronix WI-125 LED Indicator will serve you effectively in wet or dry environments. And its crisp, easy-reading LED display will speed any weighing process.

Features & Benefits

Six function keys - No confusing functions. Train operators in minutes
LED display - Bright, crisp, fast-reading. Speeds weighing process and reduces operator error.
NEMA 4X washdown - Stainless steel enclosure provides corrosion and washdown resistance to rough indoor and outdoor use.
Numeric keypad - Makes tare entry more flexible. Enter known weights from the keypad, or use the TARE key to enter container weights.
RS-232 serial port - Provides link with printers and computers.
Print formatting - Customize your printout with company name, message, character size and location, etc. right from the front panel.
Heavy -duty swivel mounting stand - Adjust the display quickly to the best sight line.
RFI protection - Provides stable weight readings in environments with moderately high levels of RFI radiation.

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Our Price: US$745.00
Product Description Price
WET WI-125 LED Indicator Stainless Steel with 745.00
OPTIONS: ------------------- 0.00
WET 52262-0012 WI-125 LED Standard 745.00
WET 52262-0020 WI-125 LED w/ Time & Date 825.00
WET 52262-0038 WI-125 LED w/ Analog output 895.00
WET 52262-0046 WI-125 LED w/ Time & Date and 865.00
WET 52262-0053 WI-125 LED w/ Time & Date, Ana 1010.00
Remote Relay Box 3 With three relays 440.00
Remote Relay Box 4 With four relays 885.00
Remote Relay Box 5 With five relays 960.00
Remote Relay Box 6 With six relays 1050.00
Remote Relay Box 7 With seven relays 1180.00
Remote Relay Box 8 With eight relays 1240.00
Start/stop switches $ /set 200.00
Indicator lamps $ each 65.00
Remote Relay Box 3SS With three relays 580.00
Remote Relay Box 4SS With four relays 1205.00
Remote Relay Box 5SS With five relays 1265.00
Remote Relay Box 6SS With six relays 1360.00
Remote Relay Box 7SS With seven relays 1555.00
Remote Relay Box 8SS With eight relays 1610.00
Start/stop switches SS $ /set 200.00
Indicator lamps SS $ each 65.00
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