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Weigh Modules and Weighing Assemblies are used for tank weighing, hopper weighing, conveyor scales, scale conversion. Compression weigh modules are designed to be installed under the legs of tanks, mounting lugs, or support beams of a structure. The weight that is being measured compresses the weigh module’s load cell, causing a change in output signal.


artech wm-iv, sswm-iv tank / hopper weighing module (1000lb - 125000lb)
The WM - IV tank / hopper weigh module uses the 70510 double ended shear beam load cell. Available in steel or stainless steel. The WM - IV is ideal for small to medium capacity weighing applications

Our Price: US$150.00
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artech wm-vii, sswm-vii tank weighing module kit (300lb - 80000lb)

The WM-VII Weigh Module Kit Includes :

  • 4 EA. WM-VII Weight Modules*
  • 1 EA. SB-I Load Cell J-Box
  • 25 Ft. 4 Conductor, 22 GA. Shielded Cable
  • Optional Weight Indicator

Our Price: US$1540.00
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artech wm-vii, sswm-vii tension weighing modules (100lb - 40000lb)
The Weigh Module VII provides a wide range of tension weighing assemblies suitable for scale conversions, process control, hopper and tank weighing. Tension loading design assures correct load alignment and is ideal for low to medium capacity hopper and tank weighing. Teflon insulation combined with a bonding strap protects the load cell from stray ground currents and elctrostatic charges. 

Our Price: US$149.00
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fairbanks onmicell 9104 series desb tool steel (1klb to 125klb)

The 9104 Omnicell is a double-ended shear beam design suitable for use with high capacity tanks, bins and hoppers. This line features easy installation and self-checking capabilities. The 9104 is Factory Mutual approved for all classes, groups and divisions. It's suitable for UBC (Universal Building Code) Seismic Zone 4 applications. Available in two styles: cast stainless steel mounting assembly and a stainless steel hermetically sealed load cell; and zinc plated, cast ductile iron mounting assembly with tool steel nickel-plated load cell.

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