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The weight indicator, you are known as indicators of weighing, are devices that allow you to give visual aspect and compressive to your weighing systems, the so-called screens; weight indicator can consist of technology LED or LCD ( which vary from digits in decimal), are developed under knowledge of computer programming, and electronics, making the reading of the various weighing systems (floor scales, scale hopper type, truck scales, etc), the weight indicator make compressible and fast, get the weight of the bodies.

Weight indicator; they are definitely a technological tool, which include certain features that will help you choose the best option.

Weight indicator are adaptable: created with high level of adaptability to different weighing systems; however, there is great variety, choose the most personalize it to your requirements. Sometimes there are scales that require a weight indicator with very special characteristics, such as the fact that anti-coup, humidity and very stable.

Capacity: weight indicator, interact directly with the load cells which is of importance, that take into account how many may have interaction.

Resistance: depending on the nature of your projects or your company, there may be staff or external conditions that might affect the performance of your weight indicator, due to these conditions, global suppliers, have developed weight indicator with high level of resistance.

Materials: In general, to ensure a long life in your weight indicator, manufacturers use reinforcements in these devices in aluminum and stainless steel.

Interface: weight indicator, has various means that act as an interface, such as screen remote, usb connectivity-pcs, printers, among others.

Variety of possibilities. The industry of the weight indicator has been characterized as offering an experience to its customers, each day the more surprising , through intelligent software, customers can perform multiple tasks with the weight indicator, which is based not only on the experience of viewing through screens LCD or LED but in a set of multiple tasks.





- Serial Port

- Full duplex RS-232 Serial Port. Display

- Easy to read LED,LCD display.

- Digital Calibration

- Full front panel calibration.

Our Price: US$238.00
Market price: US$348.00 save 32%
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salter brecknell sbi-521 weight indicator

The SBI-521 indicator series has standard steel enclosure rated at IP65. These indicators can be used in wide variety of applications from bench floor scale batching system check weighing and more It comes with large 7-digit 7-segment 17 mm (0.7 inch) LED display and an estimated 30 hours of battery usage.


Function - Hold, counting, totalizing, checkweighing, percentage
Divisions - NTEP approved for 10,000 divisions, class lll
Approvals - NTEP (Pending - CE, EC, OIML)
Display - Backlit LCD or LED

Our Price: US$495.00
Market price: US$532.00 save 7%
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salter brecknell sbi 100 weight indicator
The SBI 100 weight indicator is a low cost, simple to operate weight indicator designed for use in a wide range of applications. Compatible with the complete range of Brecknell platform scales the SBI 100 can be connected to any platform with a maximum of four 350 ohm load cells for use in non-trade applications.
Resolution - 500 -100,000d; internal approximately 520,000 counts
Operator Keys - On/Off/Zero; Tare; Units; Hold/Print
Power - Internal rechargeable battery and AC adapter
Construction - ABS plastic indicator
Display - Six digit 0.8" (20 mm) high red LED display with 8 separate LED annunciators

Our Price: US$225.00
Market price: US$299.00 save 25%
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salter brecknell rd-65 remote display

Salter Brecknell High intensity LED remote display visible up to 150'. The bright LED display offers many great features, competitive pricing, while providing you with quick "Out of Box" set up. This IP65 rated display, has 5" high double row digits, ready to display up to 6 digits. The enclosure is gray powder painted mild steel with a no glare lens. It offers unit switching between lbs and kg along with (G) gross and (N) net annunicators.

Display - Double row ultra bright large 5", 6 Digit LED Display visible up to 150'
Displays up to 999,999 or down to -99,999
Annunciator - kg, lb, G (gross), N (net)
Highly Durable - Powder coated mild steel enclosure (IP65) with wall mount swivel bracket 
or easy to install hanging rings. Adjustable sun visor included
Serial Port - RS-232, RS-485 or current loop with selection to five protocols, three data 
formats and 8 types of baud rates

Our Price: US$1025.00
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