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Alloy Steel Compression Load Cell Sentronik 192 50K lb

Alloy Steel Compression Load Cell Sentronik 192 50K lb

Sentronik 192 Alloy Steel Compression Load Cell is designed for compression applications. Its alloy steel construction combined with hermetically sealing allows the 92 to be used in harsh environments. A large range of capacities is available. Hermetic sealing offers excellent protection from moisture and provides longterm stability and reliability.


  • Silo, tanks and hoppers 
  • Suspended silos, tanks and hoppers 
  • Railroad scales 
  • Weighbridges

Main Features

  • Capacity: 50Klbs 
  • Environmental protection: IP67 (DIN 40.050) 
  • Material: Alloy Steel 
  • Hermetically sealed
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