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Sentronik 7110-MKC tension load cells mounting kit clevis

Sentronik 7110-MKC tension load cells mounting kit clevis


rod ends with clevis  for electrical isolation. Mild Steel Construction. Each rod ends clevis includes an internally coarse threaded housing with wrench flats which contains a teflon insulator that mates with a spherical headed stud with fine thread. The 3/4" and 1" units have a delrin insulator. Side of housing has 1/4-20 tapped hole for attaching ground strap.

Includes (2) rod ends with clevis and electrical strap

Load cell optional

ground strap

Ground Strap


  • Mild steel construction
  • Capacities up to 20,000 lbs.
  • Teflon insulator provides resistance-free operation.


4" Length
SEN 7110-MKC-1/4-28 to 1/4-20
SEN 7110-MKC-3/8-24 to 3/8-16
SEN 7110-MKC-1/2-20 to 1/2-13
SEN 7110-MKC-1/2-20 to 5/8-11
50lb, 100lb, 200 lb, Load Cell
250lb Load Cell

500 to 1500lb load cells

2K lb to 3K lb, load cell  
5.38" Length
SEN 7110-MKC-3/4-16 to 3/4-10
SEN 7110-MKC-3/4-16 to 1-8
5K lb to 10K lb load cell
15,000lb load cell
5.25" Length
SEN KIT-TAA-SS-1-14 to 1-8
SEN KIT-TAA-SS-1-14 to 1 1/4-7
20,000lb load cell
20,000lb load cell


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SKU SEN 7110-Clevis1
Our Price: US$177.00
Product Description Price
SEN 7110-MKC-1/4-28 to 1/4-20 50lb, 100lb, 200 lb, US$177.00
SEN 7110-MKC-3/8-24 to 3/8-16 250lb US$177.00
SEN 7110-MKC-1/2-20 to 1/2-13 500 to 1500lb US$177.00
SEN 7110-MKC-1/2-20 to 5/8-11 2K lb to 3K lb US$177.00
SEN 7110-MKC-3/4-16 to 3/4-10 5K to 10K lb US$177.00
SEN 7110-MKC-3/4-16 to 1-8 15,000lb US$177.00
SEN 7110-MKC-1-14 to 1-8 20,000lb US$177.00
SEN 7110-MKC-1-14 to 1 1/4-7 20,000lb US$177.00
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