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Sentronik SE-7500BR Digital Weight Indicator

Sentronik SE-7500BR Digital Weight Indicator

This Digital Weight Indicator is ideal for floor and bench scales, Sentronik 7500 indicator is furnished complete with motion detection and a serial printer port that allows weigh data printing. The 7500 is suitable for desk or wall mount and can be adjusted to any angle for easy viewing with its 1” high LCD. Also is fixed with high anti-jamming single chip MPU and high- precision Δ-Σ A/D conversion technique. It is used in platform scale, bench scale, ect.

Include Rechargable Battery!

Main functions:
Weighing, counting, accumulating, livestock scales, power-saving mode.
  • A/D Conversion: Δ - Σ technique, 80 times per second at most
  • Input Sensitivity: ≥1.5uV/e
  • Supply bridge Voltage of load cell: DC 3.3V.
  • Suggest connecting a 1000Ω strain gauge load cell;
  • 6 pcs 350Ω strain gauge load cell can be connected at most;
  • Signal Input Range: -16mV ~ +18mV
  • Connection with load cell: 4-wire for standard connection (6-wire long line auto-compensation can be customized; Compensation distance ≤30 meters)
  • Division value: 1/2/5/10/20/50 optional
  • Power Supply: 2 pcs AA batteries; used for about 80 hours. (power-saving mode: connect 1 pcs 1000Ω strain gauge load cell)
  • Operation Temperature: 0oC ~ 40oC, relative humidity ≤85%RHo
  • Storage Temperature: -20oC ~ 60oC, relative humidity ≤95%RHo

Crane Scale HS-1500 Sentronik SE-7500BR Indicator with Rechargable Battery Data Sheet.pdf

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