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artech 80210 double ended shear beam (20k to 200k lb)

artech 80210 double ended shear beam (20k to 200k lb)

The Model 80210, a double ended shear beam load cell, is ideally suited for tough environments associated with truck scales. Its construction of high alloy tool steel provides optimum protection under impact loading and adverse conditions. The cell is environmentally protected with two water resistant seals and nickel/chrome plating to assure resistance against corrosion

  • 20K to 200K pounds capacities
  • Low profile design
  • Nickel/Chrome plated, high alloy tool steel
  • Complete environmental protection / IP67
  • NTEP Certified versions avaliable for Class III L 10,000 division
  • Factory Mutual (F.M.) Approved
  • Mounting Hardware avaliable

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SKU ART 80210
Our Price: US$625.00
Product Description Price
ART 80210 20K 20000 lb US$625.00
ART 80210 30K 30000 lb US$625.00
ART 80210 35K 35000 lb US$625.00
ART 80210 40K 40000 lb US$625.00
ART 80210 50K 50000 lb US$625.00
ART 80210 60K 60000 lb US$625.00
ART 80210 65K 65000 lb US$625.00
ART 80210 75K 75000 lb US$625.00
ART 80210 100K 100000 lb US$625.00
ART 80210 125K 125000 lb US$625.00
ART 80210 150K 150000 lb US$625.00
ART 80210 200K 200000 lb US$625.00
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