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tree compact scales

Tree Compact Scales are suitable to carry with you anywhere, in your pocket, bag or briefcase. These Compact Scales are multi-functional and durable. Ideal for school, home, kitchen, or office use.


tree mrb compact scale (500 to 10000g)

The MRB Compact Scale manufactured by Tree, is small and fits easily into a pocket or briefcase, you can take it anywhere. It has a high quality, is multi-functional, can be used school kitchen or business.

Our Price: US$60.00
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tree mrw washdown scale (3 to 33lb)

The Tree MRW series compact scale provides piece counting function, and high speed update reading. This is a scale for general purposes, which can be configured to weigh in g, kg, oz, lb and lb / oz. This scale is suited for food portioning and electronic counting.

Our Price: US$240.00
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