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The load cell compression has a cylindrical and very solid, similar to a bottle. This compression load cell also known as: Type column, type bottle or type Cylinder (canister).

Compression load cell, are built with materials and finishes highly resistant, have high load capacity, so that in their majority are made of steel and stainless steel, however, are designed compression load cell in aluminum for specific cases, where required to enjoy the goodness of the lightness of this metal. Compression, is highly resistant to harsh environments, since it also has additional protection of all its electrical and electronic components and this is a guarantee of a tool that ensures that the total isolation of these components in contact with water, moisture or any factor that impacts negatively on the internal circuit that gives life to the operation of the cell. Another attractive feature of the compression load cell is that it operates perfectly under total immersion or partial under water during periods long or short of time.

Compression load cell is a powerful tool! It is a tool that makes the weighing systems, and which provides an excellent operation, is a load cell very fast and very easy to install. You how easy it is to install a compression load cell! In ScaleMarket we have great variety of load cells compression so it is important to always seek advice, which in addition is completely free, with which you obtain the cell covering in particular their needs.

Some of the most common applications for the implement these compression load cell: Weigh tanks, weighing of silos, weighing hoppers and scales of platforms of medium-sized, scales of platforms of great size, scales of tables, and other.


tedea 120/122 compression stainless steel (20t to 150t)

Truck Scale and Silo Load Cell Tedea-Huntleigh Models 120 and 122 is a modern high capacity compression load cells of low profile. Complete with its own unique rocker mounting. Suitable for all heavy duty weighing applications, the Truck Scale and Silo Load Cells Tedea-Huntleigh Models 120 and 122 give the user high accuracy and low installation cost.

Our Price: US$504.00
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tedea 220 commpression, stainless steel (5000 to 30,000kg)

Full Scale Output: 2 mV/V Bridge Resistance: 1000 ohms, nominal Material/Finish: Stainless steel Temperature: Operating temperature range 14° to 104°F/-10°C to 40°C Safe Overload: 150% at center loading point, full scale Rated Excitation: 10V DC (15V maximum) Total Error: 0.020% full scale Insulation Resistance: 2000 megohms Deflection at Capacity: <.5 mm at full scale Seal Type: Hermetically sealed, IP68 Cable Length: 5 m (5000 kg) 10 m (10-20,000 kg) 20 m (30,000 kg) Cable Diameter: .220 Polyurethane jacket.

Our Price: US$1040.00
Market price: US$1095.00 save 5%
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virtual vlc-121 compression double-ended shear beam load cell (10t to 50t)

Tank weighing,
Truck scale

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virtual vlc120 compression alloy steel load cell (5 to 100k lb)

Tank weighing
Hopper weighing
Platform scales

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