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Mechanical scale, form part of the weighing systems being this a measuring instrument, whose main mission is to determine the weight or mass of the bodies, which is expressed through indicators of weight of needles. The use of the mechanical scale is directed from the homes, (measuring the weight of persons), small traders, but now also due to their high level of resistance is also used in the industrial sector and weighing in that exceed the tonne.

The Mechanical scale, is without a doubt a useful tool in multiple business or businesses; health sector, marketing processes and industrial processes, has a series of unique advantages that make it unquestionably a very tempting option.

There are many reasons why you should choose a mechanical scale between them:

Less maintenance, less expenses, since the mechanical scale are prepared accurately, and therefore its maintenance in if it is very fast and very low cost, favorable factor.

The Mechanical scale are ideal for outdoor and environments rustic, because they are manufactured with materials robust and highly resistant, so that its implementation in external environment does not affect or its functioning, or cause progressive deterioration in these instruments.

High level of resistance with the mechanical scale, in ScaleMarket manufacture and we have assembled products with noble metals such as aluminum, iron and stainless steel which have given levels of longevity very long in regard to its use.

The mechanical scales; in general have greater weight and size, which may be cumbersome and impractical when moving from one place to another, by which it is recommended to fixed locations, either outdoors or indoors. Are easy calibration although it requires prior knowledge.


ohaus harvard trip mechanical balance (2000g)
With a two-pan design based on the classic Roberval balance principle, Ohaus Harvard Trip balances feature the additional advantages of magnetic damping, beams with sliding weights and a variety of weighing platforms. Commonly used for comparative weighing to determine the difference in mass between two objects, rather than their absolute value, these balances come equipped with built-in sliding masses. Harvard Trip balances are known for their accuracy and durability.

Our Price: US$275.00
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ohaus heavy duty 1119-do mechanical balance (20kg)

The Ohaus Heavy Duty Solution Balance (1119-D0) has set an industry standard for precision in high-capacity weighing. Durable enough to resist corrosion, this precise balance also weighs with a feather touch, down to 1g over the whole weighing range � even under the most demanding conditions.

Our Price: US$1624.00
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