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Precision Industrial Balance, is a balance of multiple uses, which covers scientific fields until the daily in supermarkets, for which the Precision Industrial Balance are tools of weighing that are deployed or who intercede in numerous activities of the human being, resolving hundreds and even thousands of problems with timely solutions. The Precision Industrial Balance involved in specific applications in domestic work and in scientific applications certain. Among the activities that are running, we have: reactions of mixtures before and after mixing, whether industrial substances, substances of paintings, weighing parts, among others.

Precision Industrial Balance, have external features as platforms for small and medium-sized, in occasions are developed Precision Industrial Balance of on table, but we also have this kind of balance of soil.

High accuracy, similar to those of a laboratory balance. In ScaleMarket.com we have great amount of Precision Industrial balance, with a variety of features such as: tara; account pieces; Limits; among others. We have tools developed in steels and stainless steel ideal for its implementation in exterior spaces or highly corrosive.


adam eclipse presicion balance EBL (100g - 32000g)

Designed for advanced scientists and researchers, the Eclipse occupies minimal space on the laboratory work bench, yet maintains optimal performance. Its elegant capacitive touch keypad provides highly efficient operation and an increased lifespan of the balance. When a key is pressed, the pad responds immediately, even if the technician is wearing protective gloves. The smooth surface allows fingerprints and spills to be wiped off easily.

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mettler toledo bba/bbk4 series basic scale with analog and monobloc load cell (6lb, 12lb, 30lb, 70lb, 120lb)

Easy, effective and efficient!
The 4 Series “basic” level is the ideal solution for applications in which simple weighing is key. Optimized for quick and easy weighing applications, six clearly-structured large format keys with tactile feedback combine with the easy-to-read 7-segment backlit LC display for clear and fast results on a device which couldn’t be easier to use.

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mettler toledo wm series weighing modules (121g, 510g, 3100g, 6100g)

The WM weighing modules are specifically designed for the use in automated processes under industrial environmental conditions. Speed, ruggedness, precision and direct connectivity are the key features of this product range. The innovative sensors can be used for weight control as well as filling/dosing applications.

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