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The Printers, to scales, contribute in the technological support in weighing processes, in particular in all and each one of the processes of commercial operations, industrial and business in general, where it is possible to move forward in leaps and bounds in the economic development of any organization.

Printers, for scales are complementary tools, to provide comfort to the operator to provide greater organization, registration and commercialization of objects and goods, facilitating a myriad of administrative tasks. In itself, the printers scale act as the interface of the scale, which must have the characteristic of being able to issue and transmit data by the printer in a quick and easy way.

A printers for scale is a device that works as a peripheral and in the form of interface, taking upon compatibility with the swings. Among the main functions, the printers scales allow issue impressions related to the weighing process, depending on each procedure, among them: processes of packaging of postal services, weighing of food, processes of packers and packaging, laboratory services, among others.

The printers of scales well can operate directly from scale to printer or can be shared by other devices.

What is the difference between a regular printer and a printer swings?

The printer common, is compatible with a particular operating system, to use is generally of PC, your prints are made in standard paper (A4, Letter, legal), while the printers for scales account with other features, which make more rapid, economic and efficient:

  • Difference in regard to designs, the printers for scales are not of great size, tend to be small compact, and your inbox is small.
  • Account with special characteristics against external agents; finished, use the caloric energy for their full operation.
  • Fast.
  • Specific functions: depending on the nature of the swings, there are various printers of swings, either for issuance of ticket; which common in the weighing of fruits, cheeses, meats, where is determined weight/value and printed ticket to put then in sale, postal services, where you put data concerning the entry and exit of packages and their respective weight, issuing ballots; this is used in the automotive, vehicles and trucks
  • Generation of bar codes.
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