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rt 5103 double ended alloy steel (5k - 250k)

rt 5103 double ended alloy steel (5k - 250k)
The 5103/9103 are double ended, centre loaded shear beam type load cells. The 5103 is nickel plated alloy steel while the 9103 is stainless steel.
These products are suitable for tank weighing systems, low cost weighbridges and axle weighers.
A reliable sealing is ensured by the proprietary TRANSEAL potting compound and additional mechanical protection of the strain gauge area.
A specially designed mounting arrangement is available, providing the ideal solution for vessel / tank weighing.


• Nickel plated (5103)
• Sealing: IP67 (EN 60.529)
• Low profile construction
• ATEX certified versions are available for use in potentially explosive atmospheres
• Optional mounting hardware

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100000lb / 45359kg   US$524.00
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