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rt 652 single point aluminium (50kg - 500kg)

rt 652 single point aluminium (50kg - 500kg)
The 652 is an aluminium single point (moment insensitive) load cell.
The use of single point load cells eliminates the need for flexures and levers thus greatly simplifying scale design and reducing cost. The 652 load cell is suitable for a wide range of medium capacity platform scales, packaging machinery and general process weighing.
Full sealing ensures this product can be used in a variety of industrial applications.
This product meets the stringent Weights and Measures requirements throughout Europe.


• Double epoxy sealing protection for damp environments
• Certified to OIML R-60, 3000d
• Industry standard mounting configuration
• Moment insensitive, platform size to 900 x 900mm
• CAPACITIES: 50 6 1000kg

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110lb / 50kg   US$252.00
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220lb / 100kg   US$252.00
331lb / 150kg   US$252.00
441lb / 200kg   US$252.00
551lb / 250kg   US$252.00
661lb / 300kg   US$252.00
1102lb / 500kg   US$252.00
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