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sartorius indicator midrics i, stainless steel

sartorius indicator midrics i, stainless steel
"Power on, weigh; job finished." An industrial scale has to be that simple to operate, and at the same time totally reliable and easy to clean. A lot of manufactures can offer one feature or another, but the new Midrics from Sartorius has it all. From incoming inspection and shipping to production, warehouse management and packaging. And what does all this performance cost? A lot less than you might think!
Easy to operate - Have you seen the indicators that require a course of studies just to operate them? They offer countless gimmicks that have no practical benefits and provide more distraction than real help. We could have added features like that to the Midrics, but we build indicators for people who want to get their work done as quickly and reliably as possible. We left out the bells and whistles, and concentrated on giving you what you need for your daily tasks - which left us free to provide it all in the best possible quality. See for yourself.
Easy to clean - Once the work is finished, it's clean-up time. This is one of the hardest tests for an indicator because in industry, cleaning the equipment is not likely to be a gentle process. We know: if you try to save on materials and workmanship, you wind up paying double for it later. We prefer to do the math, and do it right. The Midrics is made with only the highest quality materials, and is designed specifically to be both rugged and easy to clean - and it looks great, too! The new Midrics- Because it makes weighing so easy.
  • Display: backlit, 14-segment, 20 mm LCD for weight readouts
  • Integrated A/D-converter for connecting analog platforms
  • Material: AISI 304 stainless steel


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SAR MIDRICS-I Digital Weigh Indicator US$542.00
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Scale market and balances Large warehouse inventory of load cells: From laboratory balances up to truck and hopper electronic digital scales.
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