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sartorius la series analytical & precision master pro balance (150g to 64000g)

sartorius la series analytical & precision master pro balance (150g to 64000g)
Proficiency is the ability to be so advanced in skill that you know how to tell what is important from what is unimportant, with an unerring eye for recognizing the few, but decisive facts and for basing your decision on these. For all those of you who do not let yourselves get sidetracked by trivial trends in your quest for uncompromising quality, Sartorius now offers a lab balance designed to match your requirements, without any compromises: The LA Reference.
Everything about this balance is made to measure up to a single standard: to be the reference in all three R?s that are of fundamental importance for measuring and test equipment used in regulated industries and in quality management systems: reliability, ruggedness and resolution. The new LA Reference from Sartorius gives you peace of mind and confidence knowing that you can rely on the best when the chips are down.

Additional Features
Monolithic weighing cell provides excellent results, offering high thermal stability and extremely fast response times.
User-friendly operating design displays menu and application prompts in plain English.

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Our Price: US$6426.00
Product Description Price
SAR LA130S-F 150g x 0.1mg US$6426.00
SAR LA16001S 16000g x 0.1g US$6426.00
SAR LA34000 34000g x 1g US$6426.00
SAR LA34001P 8000/16000/34000g x 0.1/0.2/0. US$6426.00
SAR LA34001S 34000g x 0.1g US$6426.00
SAR LA64001S 64000g x 0.1g US$6426.00
Data printer with date, time and statistics functions
Anti-static pan
Density determination kit
Foot switch, for activating the print, tare or F key; function can be selected by menu code; incl. T-connector
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