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sartorius me/se series microbalances / ultramicro balances (5.1g to 0.5/1/2g)

sartorius me/se series microbalances / ultramicro balances (5.1g to 0.5/1/2g)
Sartorius premium microbalances meet the highest requirements when it's a matter of obtaining fast and exceptionally accurate results. These microbalances offer maximum support when used as inspection, measuring and test equipment within a quality system. The following performance features make your quality assurance procedures much easier: The motorized draft shield (not for filter balances SE2-F and ME5-F) is exclusively made of glass without any frame construction to obstruct your view of the weighing chamber.
A special coating on the glass inside the chamber eliminates interfering factors - such as those caused by electrostatically charged objects. In just one easy step, you can completely remove the draft shield. The weighing chamber base plate features smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces. Design features that really pay for themselves whenever absolute cleanliness is the No. 1 priority. The generously sized opening of the draft shield moves to any position desired - you can choose to operate the draft shield at the press of an ergonomic key using the palm of your hand, a foot switch or an external computer. With stabilization times of only 10 seconds, you'll save valuable time during each weighing operation.
The weight readouts are exceptionally easy to read on the backlit, high-contrast graphical display. Text prompts in plain English (and your choice of other languages) guide you quickly and confidently in configuring the balance, if you'd like to do quite a bit more than just weigh. Models ME5-F and SE2-F have been specially designed for weighing filters of up to 90 mm in diameter. The draft shield specifically constructed for this application is made completely of metal, thereby minimizing the interfering effects of static electricity.
  • Astonishingly fast response times with only 10-second stabilization time needed
  • Self-teaching, all-glass draft shield for ergonomic handling of the smallest sample quantities
  • Complete functionality for use as measuring and test equipment, with fully automatic calibration and adjustment function, isoCAL; the SQmin function for displaying the minimum allowable sample quantity according to the USP
  • 14 built-in application programs as standard features, such as EUREKA program for air buoyancy correction, Differential weighing program for up to 999 samples, Statistical evaluation. All balance-generated data can be logged via the RS-232C interface port
  • Models ME5-F and SE2-F for weighing filters of up to 90 mm in diameter. The draft shield specifically constructed for this application is made completely of metal, thereby minimizing the interfering effects of static electricity


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Product Description Price
SAR SE2 2.1g x 0.1 μg 25215.00
SAR SE2-F 2.1g x 0.1 μg 27155.00
SAR ME5 5.1g x 1 μg 20079.00
SAR ME5-F 5.1g x 1 μg filter versio 21049.00
SAR ME36S 31g x 1 μg 17455.00


The scales, balances and load cells are essential for ensuring the accuracy of measurements, especially for companies working in production and industrial areas. However, scales and balances are used in many other industries, but also by householders and individuals. The scales and balances are used to measure the mass weigh or weight in consumption of water, electrical energy, but also for measuring the weigh of physical objects. In order to keep the same units all over the world, so confusions won’t be made, international measurements were introduced, and the scales and balances made today must keep count of those matters.


The international standards for scales, balances and load cell are made by organizations such OIML, NTEP, NIST and ASTM.. Those standards must be made in the area of weigh and mass measuring instruments, but also for control devices for mass, weigh, water, gas, electricity and heat. Once those standards are imposed, the companies producing such instruments must comply with those, and only the best companies are able to do so. It is a pity that so many consumers and buyers of scales, balances and load cell don’t actually check if they buy approved and tested precision weighing balance and scales devices, and this could lead to disastrous effects on the long term.


Product pre-packing represents the process of weighing, wrapping and packing materials before those are labeled. The weight content of packages must be measured, in order to determine the quantity of product inside in pounds (lb), kilograms (kg), grams (gr), Ounces (oz) etc. Here, the scales market metrology has an important role. This science allows the producers and authorities to verify the dimensions and weight of all the pre-packed products, and to verify the dimensions of those products using precise scales and balances in the market. For example, detergents, food for pets, ice cream, pharmaceutical products, textile products, beverage market industry, concrete and cement, jewelry like gold, silver, diamonds, animal and cattle farm market production, steel production, chemical products, pharmacy scales, load cell manufacturing, retail industry like super markets, medical applications, frozen aliments, transportation and any other retail product must be verified.

The scales, balances and load cell are important especially in Europe and United States of America, where alcohol and wine is the subject of regulations and special taxes. The quantities must be verified precisely, so the authorities could establish what taxes should be paid by the producers of those market products and services.


The modular weights measurements elements are at the base of automated testing systems. With the help of modular instruments, the engineers can choose a large variety of measuring instruments and data. Moreover, the weighted dimensions must be ready to be transferred in computer programs, where they can be used for multiple purposes.

As the respective instruments are modular and defined with the program, they can be changed at any time and redefined whenever the user needs those. This is why modular scale, balances and load cell respond to the dynamic and testing needs of clients. The virtual measuring instruments can be used for high-speed test, in a virtual environment that depends only of the limits of the computers technology.

The oscilloscopes are used in high precision scale, balances and load cell with a high resolution and precision, which can be modified to meet the demands of clients. Besides those, there are also the signal generators that must be measured from many points of view. As the owner of a production company, you will have to make sure that you are using high precision instruments that would allow you to avoid severe mistakes.


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