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scientech-zsp-np-ntep-pharmacy-balance (150 to 400 g)

scientech-zsp-np-ntep-pharmacy-balance (150 to 400 g)

Scientech has now coupled NTEP (legal-for-trade) certification with our new revolutionary Zeta Series’ design in order to give you a pharmacy scale that has high precision. This unique marriage gives you the advantage of a very accurate scale, which complies with all the applicable technical requirements of Handbook 44, while possessing the ability to last decades under extreme abuse. This exclusive design is so impressive that these hardy models currently have a patent pending and carry a 5-year North American warranty or a 2-year international warranty.

Under NTEP Certificate Number 07-017, our ZSP400NP (400g x 1mg) model now carries the NTEP non-computing, prescription compounding, and pill counting scale. It is an Accuracy Class II device. As required by NTEP certification, each unit can be sealed off with a metrological seal which is attached by a state Weights and Measure inspector in order to prevent undetected access to the calibration function of the scale. Also they possess a tamper proof badge for all the required information.

Please note that this mighty NTEP Zeta pharmacy scale has a weighing sensor with a suspension system which cannot be broken by customer abuse or by dropping a weight onto the weighing pan. As you might know, the highest failure mode for any analytical (0.1mg) or semi analytical (1mg) balance is a broken suspension system due to them having fragile pivots, pullers, flexures, or bearings. Then when any weight is dropped on the weighing pan (this is called shock loading) or by user misuse, these fragile pivots, pullers, flexures, bearing will break. The way our competitors try to handle this concern is to state that they have "overload" protections. However, overload protection does not protect against shock loading or customer abuse. Therefore, the damaged scale is not covered under warranty and you are forced to pay high repair charges.

In contrast, the new technology used in the Zeta NTEP pharmacy scale eliminates any pivots, pullers, flexures, or bearings. Therefore, it is not possible to break the suspension system of these rugged scales. Please see the streaming video on the homepage of this web site to see what these scales can do. All observers who have seen this video have been stunned that the Zeta scales are not damaged by such extreme abuse.

In addition, each unrivaled Zeta NTEP model is handcrafted in the USA and retains all the accuracy, durability, and user-friendly standard features you have come to expect from Scientech. Also you will be assured by knowing that you are backed by an ISO9001 manufacturer.

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